Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a treatment cost?

Treadsafe Non-Slip represents a capital investment that results in fewer accidents and claims. It cost very little to have a 90%-100% reduction in slip and fall accidents. A Treadsafe non-slip application is inexpensive and highly effective solution that in most cases cost $1.00- $1.50 per square foot.

How long does a floor application last?

Treadsafe will guarantee an increased co-efficient of friction for one year from installation. In most cases the treatment will last much longer than one year. The quality of the tile/surface it is applied to not foot traffic will determine application length. The higher the quality of the tile will hold the application longer.

How long will a tub application last?

Treadsafe will guarantee an increased co-efficient of Friction for one year. However, most treatments will last up to five years in a residential tub and up to three years in a commercial tub.

How long before I can walk on a treated floor or tub?

You can walk on a treated floor or tub immediately after treatment. Once a floor/tub is treated and neutralized with water, you can shower or walk on your floor. THERE IS NO DOWN TIME!

Can I buy the product and apply it myself?

No. Treadsafe non-slip floor/tub treatment needs to be installed by a trained and licensed distributor who has knowledge of the product and how it needs to be applied to various surfaces.

Do I need to use a special cleaner after it is applied?

No. Whatever you used before your Non-Slip treatment you can continue to use afterward. In a restaurant setting, it is recommended to use a degreaser cleaner periodically to clean the floor to prevent a build-up layer of grease over time ,which will make a treated floor slippery.

"Our management team is very pleased with the outcome of the project, and William went about the work in a quick but efficient manner, so as not to disrupt the stays of our guests."

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